Our onion production is rooted in efficient, innovative methods to ensure a cream-of-the-crop harvest.

Seus Family Farms has grown onions since the late 1970's, with an early focus on adept production. Scott's father, Monte, pioneered the production of onions on the farm and even developed an innovative implement that can plant an acre of onions with one pass. Monte still comes out of retirement every year in order to participate in the onion harvest that his methods and ingenuity helped pave the way for.

Today, we specialize in the production of dehydrator onions that are grown per contract for select processors. Our farm is located in the northernmost region of California known for producing the most high-quality, low bacteria onions on the market. We carefully monitor our crop throughout the year, with special attention paid to timing our planting and harvest activities with sometimes-narrow windows of favorable weather.

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premier production

careful cultivation

Efficiency is a key element in our harvesting methods in order to ensure a high-quality crop with minimal dockage. Within 48 hours of harvest, our onions are shredded or chopped and dehydrated for use in some of your favorite products, from soups to salad dressings, ketchup to seasoning salt.

In order to preserve the longevity of our onion operation, we work hard to improve the quality of our soil with each crop. We utilize rotational crops for peak soil condition, ensuring that nutrients are carried over after each harvest. By taking extra measures to protect our land, we are able to maintain the productivity of our farm.

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