At Seus Family Farms, we take pride in producing some of the highest-quality peppermint that can be found.

While our farm has grown peppermint since 1997, we shifted our focus from mint oil to mint tea leaf production in 2001. The tea leaf industry is relatively young and presents significant risk due to extremely high production standards and the unpredictable whims of Mother Nature. We are passionate about rising to those challenges, making the final product all the more rewarding. Our mint fields are carefully maintained throughout the year, with special attention paid to soil management, pest management, 

specialized labor and irrigation methods. By focusing on the variables we have a direct effect on, we are able to increase our quality and consistency while reducing risk.

Each fall, our crew harvests our mint fields with the utmost care to maximize the amount of pure, whole-leaf product. Our tea leaf is handled in bulk and shipped from our farm to processors that remove any remaining stem, soil or foreign material. Each tea leaf is subject to rigorous testing in order to ensure only the purest, most perfect tea makes it to market. Seus tea leaf is packaged and sold by fine tea purveyors across the United States and around the world, with a large portion sold in the scrupulous European tea market.

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attention to detail

specializing in excellent ingredients

In addition to our primary peppermint crop, we raise a selection of high-quality spearmint and other tea products. We are always looking for tea ingredients to bring to market to provide safe, domestic and reliable products for the people we do business with.

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