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Butler Machine is proud to be the dealership offering Weed Zapper products throughout the Far-West Region of the United States. Built by Old School Manufacturing, LLC, the Annihilator series from The Weed Zapper is designed for farmers, by farmers and made in the USA.

The Annihilator is a durably built tractor attachment that instantly kills weeds on contact, from the growing point to the root. Weed Zapper products are ideal for organic cropping systems, and cost effective enough to be used in conventional cropping systems as well. Weed Zapper is an effective weed control tool for field crops, row crops, and non-crop areas, including late-season weeds, in as little as one pass. Target weeds above the crop canopy. Just a few of the crops that the Weed Zapper is ideal for includes grains, dry beans, new-seeding alfalfa, grass seed, early-season potatoes, carrots, lettuce, mint, strawberries, tomatoes, vine seed, orchard and vineyard management. 

Computerized controls and sensors that monitor the Zappers functions are key to operator and equipment safety. This also allows the operator to make informed adjustments to how the equipment is being operated to maximize the productivity of up to 200,000 watts of weed killing electricity.

The Annihilator is built with operator safety at the forefront. Multiple safety sensors monitor the equipment and the operator, and will stop all electrical output when it identifies faults or situations it identifies as potentially dangerous. Such events include a coulter being raised off the ground, the driver leaving the operators seat, or the monitor sensing a loss of motion.

The Weed Zapper system is built with equipment safeties in-place to protect the components of the machine. Load sensors maintain the longevity of the machine by forcing shut-downs in extreme operation where overheating and abuse of the system may occur.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

Electric discharge weeding works by forcing an electrical current through a plant's stem. The current boils the water inside the plant's cells, bursting the cell walls. This immediately kills the plant. Plants with soft, pliable stems such as grasses are not as easily affected. The Annihilator is non-selective in killing plants.

The Annihilator current is delivered through a copper bar which is extended in front of your tractor. As long as nothing is touching the bar, nothing happens. As soon as a plant touches the bar, current starts flowing down the plant stem.

The Weed Zapper is minimally-invasive to the crop while delivering maximum voltage to weeds with immediate results demonstrating its effectiveness. This method of killing weeds is environmentally-friendly and requires as little as one pass for minimal soil disturbance. Using electricity to kill weeds allows you to kill mature weeds before they go to seed, thus diminishing the seed bank in future years. 

What are the Benefits?

What are the Benefits?

The Annihilator is an economical choice compared to hand weeding and other weed removal methods.

The Annihilator is the perfect choice to safely kill weeds for organic or conventional producers who are seeking an alternative to chemicals. Chemical resistant weeds are not an issue for The Annihilator. It can provide peace of mind from worrying over chemical residues, drift or misapplication. With rising chemical costs, a lack of timely product in the supply chain, and a shortage of labor for hand weeding, Weed Zapper provides a good, economical solution to issues you may be facing.

What does a system include?

What does a system include?

The Annihilator has been fine-tuned from the technology behind the Lasco Lightning Weeder for ease of use and service, and is equipped with modern software and hardware, including redesigned, shatter-proof insulators; flexible, field-contouring booms; and up to three times more amperage.

The Annihilator comes with front-mounted booms that help to minimize operator fatigue and allows the unit to come in contact with weeds that are closer to the crop canopy. The redesigned, custom-made booms feature contouring ability that allows the booms to flex and move with the contours of your crop fields. It can even be used in wet field conditions. The Annihilator is able to cover up to 12.5 acres per hour.

Butler Machine, LLC is an authorized dealer of Weed Zapper products, manufactured by Old School Manufacturing, LLC. Sales, service and general product inquires can be directed to Butler Machine.

Butler Machine is located at 431 4th Street in Tulelake, CA and can be contacted directly for sales at 541-892-7387. To contact the office, please call 530-664-2761.

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