Since 1954, our farm's signature specialty product has been exceptional quality horseradish.

Horseradish was propagated by the first generation of Seus Farms during the 50's in an innovative effort to diversify and expand the farm's productive capabilities. A hearty, flavorful variety of the root brought to the Klamath Basin by Czech settlers was selected as the farm's initial rootstock, and the same variety grows on our farm today. Our horseradish is keenly adapted to the warm days and cool nights that we experience during the summer time and has a high tolerance for our cold winters. The unique

combination of our environment and the deep, volcanic soil in which our horseradish grows creates a pure, white, flavorful root that is sought-after for its heat, pungency and unrivaled quality. Our roots show up on tables coast-to-coast and around the world in mustards, soups prepared horseradish, cocktail sauces and a wide variety of other delicious condiments.

A small percentage of our annual harvest makes the cut as Selects, the highest quality of our entire crop, carefully chosen for their exceptional appearance and flavor. Each Select has high-grade bright white flesh, blemish-free skin and superior taste for the consumer. They are packaged in 50 pound sacks and ship year-round to fine steakhouses, cruise ships and gourmet grocery stores. Each Select is an unparalleled source of the freshest, most pure horseradish to be enjoyed in its truest sense. We are proud to provide our farm's Selects on a wide-spread basis, from the Carolinas to California and everywhere in between.

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specializing in selects

COMMITMENT to excellence

We harvest our horseradish fields twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. This bi-annual harvest schedule allows us to deliver the freshest, most flavorful roots year-round to processors across the United States and around the world. We are especially proud of our annual fulfillment of the original contract that was drawn up between the first generation of Seus Farms and Beaverton Foods in 1956.

With a recent, major investment in our cold storage facilities, we have further enhanced our capability of storing each root in a completely controlled environment. This meticulous attention to storage ensures that each root has the same properties during the sixth month of storage as it did in the first.

As it is common for a horseradish field to be in production for up to 50 years, we carefully attend to our crops year-round in order to promote strong, healthy harvests. Horseradish demands a great deal of specialized labor in order to maintain its peak condition, which our crew expertly provides. We work hard to constantly evolve and improve our operations in order to stay true to our roots and move forward through innovation.

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