At Seus Family Farms, we pride ourselves in producing high-quality specialty crops with a focus on sustainable innovation.

The crops that we grow on our farm are highly sought after for their superior flavor, quality and concentrated goodness. Our primary crops are horseradish, dehydrator onions and mint tea leaf, however we also grow garlic for seed, plant a variety of grains as rotational crops and utilize cover crops to increase the sustainability and nutrition of our soil. Each crop variety that is grown on our farm has been carefully selected based on its suitability for vigorous growth in our area's unique environment. Innovation in our

farming practices allows our farm to meet demand for specialty products in a way that others cannot. We constantly work to improve how our crops are planted, grown and harvested in order to find new, more effective methods of production. This innovation allows us to move the farm forward as a whole, as each of our successes depends on the other.

A large part of what sets our crops apart is the unique climate, soil and growing season that we experience in the Tulelake Basin. Our hot summer days and cool summer nights are perfectly suited to producing pure, flavorful horseradish, onions and mint. Our fields' volcanic soil, rich in organic material, serves as an excellent source of nutrition and stability for our growing crops. We carefully select field locations in 3 counties and 2 states based on soil, water and isolation factors, working closely with other farmers and land owners to meet that criteria.

Better in the basin

sustainable farming for a sustainable future

We believe in the power, and practice, of sustainable farming methods in order to ensure a vibrant future for our farm. In the early 1980's, our family farm was one of the first adopters in the Klamath Basin of the more water-efficient pivot irrigation method. Pivots are still used on our farm today, as well as drip-tape, solid set and laser-leveled flood irrigation methods depending on the unique soil attributes of each field. Our sustainability practices extend into our pest control methods, particularly in our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices and laser-leveling as a tool for pest and rodent control. At Seus Family Farms, we see our soil as our greatest investment and diligently work to make deposits (soil testing, beneficial fungi to break down crop residue into new soil) for better returns in the future.

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